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Updated Support Packages

Updated support packages for version 1.7.2:

Download “PlayMaker Support 2017-06-15” PlayMaker_Support_2017-06-15.unitypackage – Downloaded 7 times –

In this updated support package for PlayMaker:

  • The Dialogue System Events To PlayMaker component can now pass the Menu Texts as a string in the OnConversationResponseMenu event.
  • Added a Select Response action.

It also adds these extra events to the Dialogue System Events To PlayMaker component (already in v1.7.2):

  • OnQuestStateChange: Sent when a quest state or quest entry state changes. The event’s String data is the name of the quest
  • OnQuestTrackingEnabled: Sent when tracking is enabled for a quest. The event’s String data is the name of the quest
  • OnQuestTrackingDisabled: Sent when tracking is disabled for a quest. The event’s String data is the name of the quest
  • OnLinkedConversationStart: Sent when the current conversation follows a cross-conversation link. The event’s GameObject data is the other participant in the conversation
  • OnDialogueSystemPause: Sent when the Dialogue System is paused
  • OnDialogueSystemUnpause: Sent when the Dialogue System is unpaused



Frameworks, Demos, and Example Scenes

Download “articy:draft Localization Importer” ArticyLocalizationImporter_2017-05-13.unitypackage – Downloaded 6 times –

This package adds support for articy:draft 3+’s localization plugin to the Dialogue System’s articy:draft Converter. Requires Dialogue System 1.7.0 or higher.

Download “Dialogue System Menu Framework 2017-06-10” DialogueSystem_MenuFramework_2017-06-10.unitypackage – Downloaded 222 times –

This is a complete menu framework for the Dialogue System and Unity 5.3+. It does not require Unity’s Game Jam Menu Template. See also: Documentation.

Download “Textline Project” Textline_2017-05-24.unitypackage – Downloaded 3 times –

This example project, built on the Menu Framework (above), is a mobile-style game that plays out like a series of text messages (similar to Three Minute Games’ Lifeline series).

Download “Visual Novel Framework 1.1.1” VisualNovelFramework_1_1_1.unitypackage – Downloaded 261 times –

This Visual Novel framework is a free add-on for the Dialogue System. Requires: Unity 5.23+. See also: Documentation. You may also be interested in Stranger Games’ Visual Novel for Dialogue System for Unity.

Download “CYOA Framework 2015-07-09” CYOA_Framework_2015-07-09.unitypackage – Downloaded 254 times –

This Choose-Your-Own-Adventure framework is a free add-on for the Dialogue System. Demo.

Download “VR UI Example” DS_VRExample_2017-01-10.unitypackage – Downloaded 60 times – 50 kB

This scene demonstrates how to run dialogue UIs and quest log windows in VR. It uses the gaze selection system from Unity’s free VR Samples package.

Download “Oculus Rift VR Example Scene” DS_OVRScene_2015-08-12.unitypackage – Downloaded 248 times – 35 kB

(This is mostly superceded by the VR UI Example scene above.) This is a simple Oculus VR example scene in Unity 5.1.2. You can download a precompiled Windows build below:

Download “Oculus Rift VR Example Scene - Windows Executable” DS_OVRScene_WindowsBuild_2015-08-12.zip – Downloaded 407 times – 20 B

To play this simple Oculus Rift VR scene, unpack the zipfile above and run the executable. In this simple example, when you walk up to the red soldier he’ll start a conversation. Look at the responses to select them, and click the left mouse button to choose the current selection.

Download “Dialogue System 2D Platformer Demo 1.0” DialogueSystem_2DPlatformerDemo_1_0_ProximitySelector.unitypackage – Downloaded 224 times – 71 kB

This package contains the source files for the Dialogue System 2D Platformer Demo. Import them into a project that already contains the Dialogue System and Unity’s 2D Platformer Demo project. You can download a simpler demo here: ProximitySelector2DExample_2016-05-22.unitypackage for Unity 5.3.4+; it assumes you’ve already imported Unity’s Standard Assets > 2D package.

Download “Corgi Engine 3.0 Integration Example” Corgi3_Example_2016-11-16.unitypackage – Downloaded 66 times – 57 kB

Download “Corgi Engine 2.0 Integration Example” CorgiExample_2016-11-14.unitypackage – Downloaded 46 times – 46 kB

[Dialogue System 1.6.7 now includes Corgi support. If you use 1.6.7 or higher, you don’t need to download these packages.] This package contains an example scene that demonstrates how to integrate with Corgi Engine. (Separate packages provided for Corgi 2.0 and Corgi 3.0.)

Download “TPC BD Example 2017-01-05” TPC_BD_Example_2017-01-05.unitypackage – Downloaded 40 times –

This example scene demonstrates how to integrate Third Person Controller, Behavior Designer, and the Dialogue System in combat roles (combat barks, saving stats, and saving enemy kills).

Download “S-Inventory Conversation Example” SInventoryConversationExample_2017-02-04.unitypackage – Downloaded 24 times – 30 kB

This example scene demonstrates how to open an S-Inventory vendor during a conversation and wait until the player buys something before continuing the conversation.

Download “Inventory Master Integration” InventoryMasterIntegration_2017-02-05.unitypackage – Downloaded 36 times – 52 kB

This package contains a basic integration with Inventory Master.


Bonus Sequencer Commands


Download “GotoEntry() Sequencer Command and Example Scene 2015-09-25” GotoEntry_SequencerCommand_2015-09-25.unitypackage – Downloaded 143 times – 49 kB

This package contains a new sequencer command: GotoEntry(entryID) or GotoEntry(conversationID, entryID). The example scene explains its use. You can use this command to allow NPCs to interrupt the response menu if the player fails to make a selection in a certain amount of time.

Download “LiveLookAt() Sequencer Command” SequencerCommandLiveLookAt_2015-06-30.unitypackage – Downloaded 182 times – 2 kB

This package contains a new sequencer command: LiveLookAt(target, [subject], [duration], [allAxes]). Unlike the built-in LookAt() sequencer command, it immediately snaps to look at the target and then tracks the target for the specified duration.



Download “Speech Bubble UI Example” SpeechBubbleExample_2017-02-20.unitypackage – Downloaded 59 times – 43 kB

This example dialogue UI looks similar to the speech bubble UI in the game Oxenfree.

Download “Replace Display Settings” ReplaceDisplaySettings_2016-01-17.unitypackage – Downloaded 109 times – 2 kB

This package adds a Replace Display Settings component that lets you use different display settings for a scene.

Download “Unity UI Bark Dialogue UI” UnityUIBarkDialogueUI_2015-05-24.unitypackage – Downloaded 184 times –

This Unity UI Bark Dialogue UI plays subtitles through the actors’ bark UIs instead of the dialogue UI’s subtitle text elements.

Download “Response Menu Dropdown Example” DropdownExample_2016-01-01a.unitypackage – Downloaded 93 times – 43 kB

This package contains an example scene and short scripts to add support for dropdown choices in response menus.

Download “Conversation Log Dialogue UI” ConversationLogUI_2017-05-29.unitypackage – Downloaded 166 times – 56 kB

This package contains a script, prefab, and example scene that demonstrates how to set up a Unity UI dialogue UI that logs the entire conversation so the player can scroll back through it during the conversation. For a variation that works more like a text messaging app: TextingLogUI_2016-09-21.unitypackage

Download “ScrollWheelNavigation 2016-08-20” ScrollWheelNavigation_2016-08-20.unitypackage – Downloaded 84 times – 13 kB

This package adds a script (add it to your Response Menu) that navigates up and down buttons using the mouse scroll wheel.

Download “Dialogue UI Animation Example” DialogueUIAnimation_2016-10-25.unitypackage – Downloaded 87 times – 36 kB

This package contains an example script that demonstrates how to set up a dialogue UI that keeps both participants’ portraits onscreen and plays a half-fade animation on the listener’s portrait. Built in Unity 5.3.4 using Unity UI.

Download “Switch Dialogue UI Panels Mid Conversation” SwitchDialogueUIPanelsMidConversation_2016-10-27.unitypackage – Downloaded 69 times – 29 kB

This package contains an example script that demonstrates how to switch to different UI panels mid-conversation. Built in Unity 5.3.4 using Unity UI.

Download “Actor Subtitle Color 2015-12-03” ActorSubtitleColor_2015-12-03.unitypackage – Downloaded 116 times – 2 kB

Add this component to actors to show their subtitle lines in a specific color with Unity UI.

Download “2D Click Trigger and Bubble UI Example” 2DClickTriggerExample.unitypackage – Downloaded 16 times – 296 kB

This package contains an example cartoon bubble dialogue UI in 2D.

Download “Button Control Example” ButtonControlExample_2017-05-23.unitypackage – Downloaded 4 times – 29 kB

This package contains two example conversations. The first demonstrates how to map the continue button and response buttons to keys and/or gamepad buttons. The second demonstrates how to set up navigation with auto focus.

Download “Custom Actor GUIStyle Dialogue UI” CustomActorGUIStyle_2015-01-23.unitypackage – Downloaded 169 times – 60 kB

This legacy Unity GUI dialogue UI script allows you to use unique fonts (or GUI Styles) for specific NPCs in conversations.

Download “Multiple NPC Dialogue UI” MultipleNPCDialogueUI.unitypackage – Downloaded 288 times – 12 kB

This Unity GUI dialogue UI script supports multiple NPCs with their own subtitle panels.

Download “Wit.ai Speech Recognition Example” WitAI_Example_2017-01-09.unitypackage – Downloaded 25 times – 37 kB

This example demonstrates how to integrate the Wit.ai speech recognition web service to make dialogue choices by voice. More info here.

Download “Localize TextMesh” LocalizeTextMesh_2017-01-30.unitypackage – Downloaded 20 times – 1 kB

This package contains a script to localize Unity’s TextMesh component, similar to Localize UI Text for Unity UI. (This script is now built into the Dialogue System v1.6.8+.)




Download “Voiceover Narrator Bark Example 2015-09-27” TestNarrator_2015-09-27.unitypackage – Downloaded 138 times –

This package contains an example scene that demonstrates voiceover narration. Bark Triggers (gray cubes) around the scene play barks through a Narrator GameObject.

Download “GoT Style Example Scene” GoT_Style_2016-01-21.unitypackage – Downloaded 105 times – 27 kB

This package contains an example scene that demonstrates a conversation in the style of Telltale games, with monologues, subtitles that play over the response menu, and timeouts. The dialogue is copyright Telltale Games and is used only for illustration purposes.

Download “Skill Check Example” SkillCheckExample_2015-04-23.unitypackage – Downloaded 215 times – 31 kB

This package contains an example scene that demonstrates one way to implement skill checks in conversations. It registers a Lua function that allows conversations to call a C# method in an example PlayerSkills class.

Download “Simultaneous Conversations 2016-07-27” SimultaneousConversations_2016-07-27.unitypackage – Downloaded 99 times – 26 kB

This package contains an example scene that demonstrates how to set up simultaneous conversations. When the scene starts, an interactive conversation starts between the player and NPC1. Simultaneously, a bark conversation plays between NPC2 and NPC3.

Download “Farmer Example Quest” FarmerQuest_2015-02-06.unitypackage – Downloaded 195 times – 49 kB

This package contains an example scene with a quest (“kill 3 monsters”) that can succeed or fail (if you kill any of the farmer’s animals). To keep the package small, everything uses the Recon Troop model, but some are labeled “Monster” and some “Animal”. A Farmer gives out the quest, which is defined in one quest and one conversation. There are also two variables: MonsterKills and AnimalKills. IncrementOnDestroy components update these variables. The farmer’s conversation checks the values of both variables and updates the quest accordingly.

Download “GameSaver Example” GameSaverExample_2015-12-17.unitypackage – Downloaded 131 times – 62 kB

This package contains an example scene that demonstrates how to use the GameSaver component. The GameSaver is on the GameObject Canvas > GameSaver Panel. Buttons on the panel call the GameSaver’s save and load methods. The Dialogue Manager also has a script named RememberCurrentDialogueEntry that saves the player’s place in the current conversation and resumes the conversation at that point when loading games.

Download “Auto Save Load Example 2017-04-15” AutoSaveLoad_2017-04-15.unitypackage – Downloaded 16 times – 17 kB

This package contains another example scene that demonstrates how to use the GameSaver component, and it also includes RememberCurrentDialogueEntry. It saves the current conversation when the player quits the application, and resumes the conversation from that point when the player starts the application again.

Download “Easy Save 2 PlayMaker Example” EasySave2Example_2016-01-12.unitypackage – Downloaded 109 times – 19 kB

This example scene demonstrates how to use Easy Save 2 in a PlayMaker FSM to save and load games. Requires Easy Save 2 and PlayMaker.

Download “Backtracking Example” BacktrackingExample_2016-01-27.unitypackage – Downloaded 102 times – 15 kB

This script and example scene demonstrate how to add a backtrack button to your conversations.

Download “Galawana Day/Night Controller Support” DialogueSystem_DayNightControllerSupport.unitypackage – Downloaded 136 times – 2 kB

This package lets you get and set the time of day in Lua and cutscene sequences with Galawana Studios’ Day Night Controller. Updated 2015-04-03 to also update sun position.

Download “Inventory Pro Select Item In Conversation” InvPro_SelectItemInConversation_2016-03-06.unitypackage – Downloaded 119 times –

This package contains an example scene and scripts that allow a conversation to open an Inventory Pro window and wait for the player to select an item. The conversation then branches based on the selected item.

Download “ARPG Boss Fight Example Conversation” ARPG_BossExample_2017-02-05.unitypackage – Downloaded 17 times – 28 kB

This package contains an example for Action-RPG Kit. When the boss NPC gets below 20% health, it starts a surrender conversation.

Download “Realistic FPS Prefab Coded Door Quest Example” RFPS_Door_Code_Example_2015-02-27.unitypackage – Downloaded 182 times –

This package contains an example scene for Realistic FPS Prefab. You must find a note with a code to get past a coded door the next level. This scene demonstrates note pickups updating quests and text input in conversations.

Download “RFPS Book Example” RFPS_Book_Example_2016-05-02.unitypackage – Downloaded 110 times –

This package contains an example scene for Realistic FPS Prefab. It adds a readable book that’s configured using RFPS’s pickup interaction system. It runs a conversation through a custom dialogue UI. This version was updated 2016-05-02 for RFPS 1.23.

Download “Grenades for RFPS” RFPS_Grenade_2015-03-13.unitypackage – Downloaded 190 times –

This adds proof-of-concept grenades to Realistic FPS Prefab. Not specifically Dialogue System-related, but many Dialogue System users also use RFPS.


User Contributions

Download “Zoom2DWithReturn() Sequencer Command” Zoom2DWithReturn_2016-07-07.unitypackage – Downloaded 77 times – 3 kB

This package adds a command Zoom2DWithReturn() that works like the Zoom2D() sequencer command except it returns to the original position afterward.

Contributor: Bruce Kimpel

Download “Magicolo's iTween GUI Effects (2014-05-10)” Magicolo_GUIEffects_2014-05-10.unitypackage – Downloaded 189 times – 5 MB

This package adds iTween GUI effects to Unity GUI dialogue UIs.

Contributor: Magicolo



Older Support Packages

Updated support packages for version 1.7.0:

Download “Unity UI Support 2017-05-17” UnityUI_Support_2017-05-17.unitypackage – Downloaded 21 times – 57 kB

This update fixes a bug with Auto Focus in dialogue UIs without subtitle panels.

Download “Core GameKit Support 2017-05-19” CoreGameKit_Support_2017-05-19.unitypackage – Downloaded 6 times –

This is an updated support package for Dark Tonic’s Core GameKit 3.2.7.

Download “Master Audio Support 2017-05-19” MasterAudio_Support_2017-05-19.unitypackage – Downloaded 5 times – 20 kB

This is an updated support package for Dark Tonic’s Master Audio 4.1.1.

Download “ORK Support 2017-05-26” ORK_Support_2017-05-26.unitypackage – Downloaded 8 times –

This updated support package for ORK Framework adds a component (UnityUIDialogueUIORKBridge) that enables keyboard/joystick navigation for Unity UI Dialogue UIs with ORK’s custom EventSystem.