Dialogue System for Unity Released!

Version is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site (contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number if you need access) and should be available on the Unity Asset Store in 5-7 days, possibly a little longer since Unity staff are also busy getting ready for the Unite conference.

Some highlights of this release:

  • Dialogue Editor: You can now specify which custom fields to show in the main part of the inspector instead of just in the All Fields foldout.
  • Unity UI typewriter effect: Now handles <quad> rich text codes and left-to-right (e.g., Arabic) text.
  • Adventure Creator “Dialogue System Conversation” action has more options to give you greater control of how conversations mesh with Adventure Creator.


  • Changed: OnSequenceStart & OnSequenceEnd messages are now also sent to Dialogue Manager, not just participants.
  • Improved: LevelManager.RestartGame/GameSaver.RestartGame now automatically update quest tracker HUD.
  • Added: LevelManager.LoadLevel(index) to load by build scene index.
  • Fixed: Bark triggers now don’t report NullReferenceException if destroyed before being initialized.
  • Dialogue Editor:
    • Added: Checkboxes in template to show specific custom fields in main part of inspector.
    • Added: Menu option to automatically split nodes with pipes ( | ) in text into separate nodes.
    • Improved: Watches tab > Watch Variable now lets you choose active variable, not just variables defined in dialogue database.
    • Improved: Added confirmation window when attempting to delete special “Is Item” field.
  • Unity UI:
    • Improved: UnityUITypewriterEffect now handles <quad> rich text code, right-to-left support (Arabic).
    • Improved: Subtitle text, portrait name, and response button text now send OnTextChanged(UnityEngine.UI.Text) message to dialogue UI.
    • Changed: When instantiating response buttons from template, instance names now match response button text.
    • Fixed: If alert line had no panel, alert line didn’t disappear.

Third Party Support

  • articy:draft: Fixed: Convert Slots As dropdown wasn’t saving selection when window closed; in Unity 5.4+ articy converter window now correctly saves settings changes when exiting Unity while converter window is open and docked.
  • Adventure Creator: Added to Conversation action: “Wait until finish?” checkbox, Override Bridge UseDialogState and TakeCameraControl settings.
  • Chat Mapper: Updated to handle Chat Mapper fields of new type “Multiline”.
  • PlayMaker: Added Pause/Unpause actions; updated LoadLevel action to prevent API warnings in Unity 5.3+.