Dialogue System 1.7.5 Released!

Version 1.7.5 is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site (contact us if you need access) and should be on the Unity Asset Store in 5-10 business days!


  • Added: Dialogue Manager > Instantiate Database checkbox to instantiate copy of Initial Database so you can change it at runtime without affecting asset.
  • Added: Preload Actor Portraits component to prevent stutter on first conversation when using very large portrait images.
  • Added: DialogueManager.GetInputButtonDown delegate for overring default Unity Input.
  • Improved: Removed 1 MB restriction on saved game data size. Now unlimited.
  • Improved: Saved game data (especially when saving SimStatus) is significantly smaller.
  • Improved: Added Show/Hide/Toggle methods to QuestTracker (legacy GUI and Unity UI).
  • Fixed: Conversation Trigger was not always marking the conversation dropdown for saving in the scene.
  • Fixed: UnityUIQuestLogWindow now keeps timeSale in sync when repeatedly opening & closing during slow open/close animations.
  • Fixed: IncrementOnDestroy & PersistentDestructible no longer log (harmless) warnings when stopping playmode.

Third Party Support:

  • Deftly: Added configurable cooldown time to floating text barks.
  • Rewired: Added support.
  • UFPS: Updated to better support Menu Framework.