Dialogue System for Unity 1.7.2 Released

The Dialogue System for Unity 1.7.2 is now available on the Unity Asset Store!

Version 1.7.2


  • Improved: Added One Per Frame checkbox, addedDatabases/removedDatabases events to ExtraDatabases.
  • Fixed: Sequence parser bug when sequence ended with semicolon followed by blank line.
  • Dialogue Editor: Fixed docked editor issue when double-clicking a different database.

Third Party Support

  • articy:draft: Fixed converter bug that inadvertently excluded dialogue fragments. Added Recursion on/off dropdown.
  • Neverwinter Nights Aurora converter: Converted tokens now use [var] tags instead of [lua] for conciseness.
  • PlayMaker: Added more Dialogue System events.

Dialogue System for Unity 1.7.1 Released!

Version 1.7.1 is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site. If you need access, please contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number. It should be available on the Asset Store in 5-10 business days.


Version 1.7.1


  • Changed: Added Hide() method to the IBarkUI interface.
  • Added: Support for actor Display Name. Name and Display Name (and localized versions) now also support [var] and [lua] tags.
  • Added: Dialogue Manager > Bark Settings.
  • Added: Bark Groups.
  • Added: Language text export in Dialogue Editor and Localized Text Tables.
  • Added: Response menu timeout option Select Random Response.
  • Fixed: Parsing error in text with [var] tags immediately followed by certain other tags.
  • Fixed: OnBarkLine sent to Dialogue Manager incorrectly passed speaker instead of subtitle.
  • Dialogue Editor:
    • Timed auto-backups (default is every 10 minutes).
    • Watches tab can now set variable values; added “Add All Variables” menu item.

Third Party Support

  • Updated TextMesh Pro, NGUI, TK2D & DF-GUI bark UIs to add new Hide() method.
  • articy:draft:
    • Added: ArticyEditorTools.FindPortraitTexturesInAssetDatabase().
    • Fixed: Unticked dialogues are now properly excluded from import.
  • ORK Framework: Added UnityUIDialogueUIORKBridge to assist with Unity UI.
  • TalkIt: Added support for design-time and runtime imports.

Dialogue System for Unity 1.7.0 Released!

Version 1.7.0 is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site. (Contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number if you’d like access.) It should be available on the Asset Store in about 5-7 business days.

Some highlights:

  • Big improvements to the articy:draft importer: support for nested dialogues and flow fragments, voiceover plugin, and localization plugin.
  • Improvements to TextMesh Pro support (better auto-focus, response autonumbering, etc.).
  • New integration packages for Deftly and Rog.

Version 1.7.0

  • Updated to support Unity 2017.1.
  • Changed: CurrentConversationState is now set before OnConversationLine message.
  • Added: Message OnQuestEntryStateChange.
  • Added: {{defaultsequence}} sequencer keyword.
  • Added: AudioWaitOnce() sequencer command.
  • Added: Entrytag formats ActorID_ConvTitle_EntryDescriptor, VoiceOverFile.
  • Improved: Sequence parser is now more robust and memory-efficient.
  • Improved: Lua Console has new option to pause game when open.
  • Improved: IncrementOnDestroy & PersistentDestructible only fire if object is destroyed while application is playing.
  • Fixed: When sending Dialogue System messages (e.g., OnConversationStart) to actor or conversant which is Dialogue Manager, no longer double-sends to Dialogue Manager.
  • Fixed: Actor node color override now also works for player.
  • Unity UI:
    • Added: Wait for Hide Animation checkbox when showing queued alerts.
    • Improved: Optimized Unity UI Quest Tracker for memory and speed.
    • Fixed: ‘Animator is not playing a playable’ warnings.

Third Party Support

  • articy:draft: Now handles articy 3.0 string type; recursive dialogues and flow fragments; voiceover plugin support; localization plugin support.
  • Chat Mapper: ChatMapperProject.ToDialogueDatabase() now does same post-processing as Chat Mapper Converter window.
  • NGUI: Updated deprecated API call in Unity 5.3+.
  • Deftly: Added support.
  • Makinom: Updated for Makinom 1.7.0.
  • ORK Framework: Updated for ORK Framework 2.10.
  • Rog: Added support.
  • RPG Kit: Updated for RPG Kit 3.1.7.
  • RT-Voice: Updated for RT-Voice 2.7.1.
  • TextMesh Pro: Updated for feature parity with Unity UI scripts (better auto focus, response autonumbering, etc.).

Love/Hate 1.8.6 Released!

Love/Hate 1.8.6 is now available on the Asset Store!

The major addition in 1.8.6 is that personality traits are now dynamic. When a character sees a friend commit a deed, the character’s personality traits will nudge toward the deed’s traits. The higher the character’s Impressionability setting, the more easily its personality traits are influenced by friends’ deeds.

For example, say a street urchin is adopted by a thief. As the urchin watches the thief commit robberies and burglaries, the urchin’s Lawfulness value may decrease while his Greed value increases.

Another nice improvement is that the Faction Manager inspector now lets you view and edit the runtime faction database.

Version 1.8.6:

  • Changed: Save format now includes factions’ personality trait values.
  • Added: Impressionability value to FactionMember, which changes personality traits based on deeds witnessed.
  • Added: FactionMember.ShareRumor delegate.
  • Added: Rumor.Expire() method.
  • Improved: Faction Manager editor now shows runtime faction database contents.
  • Improved: Added option to not run memory cleanup.
  • Improved: Methods in triggers & StabilizePAD are now protected virtual, not private.
  • Minor API updates for Unity 5.6.

Dialogue System for Unity 1.6.9 Released!

The Dialogue System for Unity version 1.6.9 has been released! You can download it immediately on the Pixel Crushers customer download site. (Contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number if you need access.) It should be available on the Unity Asset Store in 5-7 business days.


Version 1.6.9


  • Dialogue Editor:
    • Added: Fast Undo for Large Databases checkbox.
    • Added: Separate template menu options Apply Template To Assets, Update Template From Assets.
  • Added: Dialogue Manager Subtitle Settings option: Skip PC Subtitle After Response Menu.
  • Added: Dialogue Manager Alert Settings Chars Per Second, Min Alert Seconds
  • Added: New entrytag option “Conversation ID_Actor Name_Entry ID”.
  • Added: PersistentDataManager/GameSaver/Dialogue Manager option to include location data in save data.
  • Added: DialogueLua.GetConversationField(), MarkDialogueEntryUntouched().
  • Changed: Dialogue Manager makes itself a root GameObject before calling DontDestroyOnLoad.
  • Fixed: Sequencer could report NullReferenceException in some cases if the scene had no MainCamera and no sequencer camera.
  • Fixed: Dialogue Manager now receives OnConversationEnd message when conversation is cancelled.
  • Fixed: Barks were running the Lua Script field twice.
  • Fixed: Sequencer wasn’t recognizing custom sequencer commands in Plugins folder.
  • CSV import/export: Added more robust recovery when encountering invalid links.
  • Unity UI:
    • Improved: Localization of quest group names.
    • Typewriter Effect: Added several enhancements such as ability to skip audio on specific characters.

Third Party Support

  • Adventure Creator: Updated for Adventure Creator 1.56b+.
  • PlayMaker: Get/Set Variable/LuaField actions can now accept int values.
  • Realistic FPS Prefab: Added Control Rotation checkbox in FollowFPSPlayer.
  • TextMesh Pro: Added localization support for arbitrary TextMesh Pro components.

Dialogue System for Unity 1.6.8 Released!

Dialogue System 1.6.8 is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site and should be available on the Unity Asset Store in 7-10 days. (Contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number if you’d like access to the Pixel Crushers customer download site.)


Version 1.6.8

  • Dialogue Editor:
    • Added option: Per-actor colors for conversation nodes.
    • Added option: Show end-stubs on nodes that end conversations.
    • Added: Cross-conversation link indicators show number of cross-conversation emanating from node.
    • Added: Home button to node editor.
    • Improved: Variables section has more user-friendly reorderable list.
    • Improved: Variables section highlights conflicts when variables have the same name.
  • Added: Localize Text Mesh component.
  • Added: Quest Log Window Hotkey component.
  • Added: [LuaScriptWizard] and [LuaConditionsWizard] script variable attributes.
  • Improved: Added several new Continue Button modes to Dialogue Manager. NOTE: Not Before PC & Optional Before PC changed to Not Before PC Autoresponse & Optional Before PC Autoresponse.
  • Improved: Localized Text Table editor now uses flexible height text areas.
  • Improved: Conditions show value of last check at runtime.
  • Improved: Persistent Destructible: Added option to spawn prefab instance when destroyed.
  • Improved: Fade() sequnecer command now also fades over Unity UI.
  • Improved: Persistent Position Data now logs more info when Dialogue Manager’s Debug Level is Info.
  • Improved: AbstractUIResponseMenuControls.ShowResponses is now virtual.
  • Changed: OnBarkStart & OnBarkEnd are now also sent to Dialogue Manager.
  • Changed: Dialogue Manager’s Preload process no longer starts & stops first conversation.
  • Fixed: LuaInterpreter failed to parse trailing semicolons on ‘if…end’ blocks.
  • Fixed: QuestLog.SetTrack() now also updates tracker.
  • Fixed: Addressed Unity 5.6 deprecated API warning for AudioWWW() sequencer command.
  • Fixed: After an entry with Response Menu Sequence, subsequent entries wouldn’t play Response Menu Sequences.
  • Fixed: Intermittent editor issue with Condition drawer.
  • Unity UI:
    • Improved: Typewriter Effect now supports randomized audio clips.
    • Fixed: Response button text now automatically strips pause codes.

Third Party Support:

  • Action-RPG Starter Kit: Improved to handle Mecanim player configurations.
  • Chat Mapper: Added option to reset node positions when importing.
  • ICE: Added integration instructions to manual.
  • ORK Framework: Added Get & Set Quest State steps.
  • Realistic FPS Prefab:
    • Added Save Position checkbox to FPS Lua Bridge. You no longer need to use Persistent Position Data or Persistent Smooth Mouse Look components.
    • Added Persistent Dead Body and Unregister NPC On Destroy components.
    • Updated to handle deprecated OnLevelWasLoaded API.
  • S-Inventory: Fixed bug with persistent item groups and vendors during scene changes; added SInventory Dialogue Events.
  • TextMesh Pro: Updated for new TextMesh Pro version published by Unity Technologies; changed: Deprecated TextToTextMeshPro component.
  • Third Person Controller:
    • Added DamageEvent script for triggering barks & other actions
    • Added tpcDamage() Lua function.
    • Added option to wait specified number of frames before applying save/load data.

Dialogue System for Unity 1.6.7 Released!

Version 1.6.7 is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site, and should be available on the Asset Store in 5-10 days. If you need access to the download site, please contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number.

Highlights of this release:

  • Option to show speaker portraits next to dialogue entry nodes in Dialogue Editor.
  • Corgi 2D + 2.5D Platformer Engine support.
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.6.7


  • Updated for Unity 5.5.
  • Added: Lua Network Commands component to sync variables and quest states to UNET clients.
  • Added: Continue() sequencer command.
  • Added: UpdateTracker() sequencer command.
  • Added: DialogueManager.LastConversationID.
  • Improved: Dialogue Manager now logs warning if trying to load default dialogue UI and it’s missing.
  • Improved: Selector now logs warning if no camera is tagged MainCamera.
  • Changed: No longer runs Lua Script or OnExecute event of first conversation’s first dialogue entry node when preloading resources.
  • Changed: SetContinueMode(true|false|original) added ‘original’ parameter; ‘true’ now sets mode to always instead of reverting to original value.
  • Dialogue Editor:
    – Added: Option to show actor portrait next to each dialogue entry node.
    – Improved: Added Template, Copy & Paste buttons to Conversation fields foldout.
    – Fixed: Interface issues adding/removing dialogue entry localization fields.
  • Unity UI:
    – Improved: UnityUIQuestLogWindow reuses quest template objects to reduce instantiations.
    – Improved: Unity UI animator handling with different timeScales.
    – Fixed: If [position #] tag assigns a response to an element in Buttons list, it no longer also adds template button.
    – Fixed: Gracefully handles null entries in Buttons list.

Third Party Support

  • Adventure Creator: Added Rerun Script After Cutscenes checkbox to bridge.
  • articy:draft: Fixed runtime converter not observing ConvertSlotsAs.ID.
  • Chat Mapper: Added Trackable, Track and Abandonable fields to template; updated converter window for Unity 5.5.
  • Corgi Platformer Engine: Added support.
  • NGUI: Quest log window now reuses quest template objects when possible to reduce instantiations.
  • ORK Framework: Updated inventory management Lua functions for ORK 2.8.0 so you can check, add, & remove weapons & armor in addition to regular items.
  • Realistic FPS Prefab: Invulnerable flag is now included in saved games; bridge now registers actor name with FPS Player transform.
  • Realistic FPS Prefab + S-Inventory: Fixed bug that allowed player to equip even if dropped last of weapon.
  • PlayMaker: Added Set Dialogue UI action.
  • RT-Voice: Added tool window to save audio files at design time; updated to use RT-Voice callbacks & API changes for better responsiveness.
  • TextMesh Pro: Improved animation handling.
  • Third Person Controller: Added TPCAbility() sequencer command; updated bridge and Dialogue System Interactable components for multiplayer support.
  • TextMesh Pro: Updated deprecated API calls.

Dialogue System for Unity Released!

Version is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site (contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number if you need access) and should be available on the Unity Asset Store in 5-7 days, possibly a little longer since Unity staff are also busy getting ready for the Unite conference.

Some highlights of this release:

  • Dialogue Editor: You can now specify which custom fields to show in the main part of the inspector instead of just in the All Fields foldout.
  • Unity UI typewriter effect: Now handles <quad> rich text codes and left-to-right (e.g., Arabic) text.
  • Adventure Creator “Dialogue System Conversation” action has more options to give you greater control of how conversations mesh with Adventure Creator.


  • Changed: OnSequenceStart & OnSequenceEnd messages are now also sent to Dialogue Manager, not just participants.
  • Improved: LevelManager.RestartGame/GameSaver.RestartGame now automatically update quest tracker HUD.
  • Added: LevelManager.LoadLevel(index) to load by build scene index.
  • Fixed: Bark triggers now don’t report NullReferenceException if destroyed before being initialized.
  • Dialogue Editor:
    • Added: Checkboxes in template to show specific custom fields in main part of inspector.
    • Added: Menu option to automatically split nodes with pipes ( | ) in text into separate nodes.
    • Improved: Watches tab > Watch Variable now lets you choose active variable, not just variables defined in dialogue database.
    • Improved: Added confirmation window when attempting to delete special “Is Item” field.
  • Unity UI:
    • Improved: UnityUITypewriterEffect now handles <quad> rich text code, right-to-left support (Arabic).
    • Improved: Subtitle text, portrait name, and response button text now send OnTextChanged(UnityEngine.UI.Text) message to dialogue UI.
    • Changed: When instantiating response buttons from template, instance names now match response button text.
    • Fixed: If alert line had no panel, alert line didn’t disappear.

Third Party Support

  • articy:draft: Fixed: Convert Slots As dropdown wasn’t saving selection when window closed; in Unity 5.4+ articy converter window now correctly saves settings changes when exiting Unity while converter window is open and docked.
  • Adventure Creator: Added to Conversation action: “Wait until finish?” checkbox, Override Bridge UseDialogState and TakeCameraControl settings.
  • Chat Mapper: Updated to handle Chat Mapper fields of new type “Multiline”.
  • PlayMaker: Added Pause/Unpause actions; updated LoadLevel action to prevent API warnings in Unity 5.3+.

Dialogue System for Unity Released!

The Dialogue System for Unity is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site. (Contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number for access.) It should be available on the Unity Asset Store in 5-7 days!




  • Improved: Bark entries can now have Priority values to prevent lower-priority barks from interrupting higher-priority barks.
  • Unity UI: UnityUITypewriterEffect now supports auto scroll.
  • Changed: For importers, Encoding Type Default now uses your system’s Encoding.Default, not Encoding.Unicode.
  • Added: Encoding type ISO-8859-1 to converters.
  • Dialogue Editor:
    • Improved: Small usability improvements to conversation node editor.
    • Fixed: Adding template fields of custom field types was incorrectly setting type to Text.

Third Party Support

  • Adventure Creator: Added Allow During Conversations checkbox to Bark action; added Check Conversation Active action.
  • articy:draft:
    • Added: Can now specify dropdown type for each dropdown individually.
    • Improved: expression–>Lua converter now doesn’t convert content inside strings.
    • Fixed: Condition and Instruction nodes weren’t assuming proper order by node’s Y-position.
  • Chat Mapper: Converter now supports linking to a conversation’s START entry.
  • CSV: Fixed: Converter wasn’t importing link priorities (all defaulted to Normal).
  • Master Audio: Added MAPlaySound() sequencer command.
  • RPG Kit: Updated item/inventory management Lua functions for RPG Kit 3.1.4. Fixed UI texture references that were unassigned by 3.1.4.
  • S-Inventory: Fixed Realistic FPS Prefab + S-Inventory subpackage; updated example scene for RFPS 1.23.