Dialogue System for Unity 1.6.6 Released!

Version 1.6.6 is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site and should be on the Unity Asset Store in 5-7 days. If you’d like access to the customer download site, please contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number.

Highlights of this version are:

  • Dialogue entries now have a UnityEvent to which you can assign event handlers.
  • Increment On Destroy can now fire on Disable instead of Destroy, making it useful for pooled objects and other systems that disable instead of destroy objects.
  • Added Letterbox style Unity UI Dialogue UI prefab.
  • Updates to support for Adventure Creator, RPG Kit, and Third Person Controller.

Version 1.6.6


  • Improved: Dialogue entries can now execute UnityEvents.
  • Improved: If quest is updated while quest log window is open, window auto-updates.
  • Improved: QuestStateListeners now support Conditions.
  • Improved: Zoom2D() sequencer command now recognizes ‘original’ keyword.
  • Improved: IncrementOnDestroy now has option to fire on Disable instead of Destroy.
  • Fixed: Bug in PersistentPositionData saving position in levels with periods in their names when Restore Current Level Position was ticked.
  • Unity UI:
    • Added: Letterbox movie subtitle style UI.
    • Fixed: LocalizeUIText.UpdateFieldName wasn’t correctly updating field name.
    • Fixed: LocalizeUIText if using Dialogue Manager’s default localized text table didn’t check if table had requested language.

Third Party Support

  • Adventure Creator: Updated for AC 1.52. ‘Use Adventure Creator Subtitles Setting’ checkbox now defaults to false.
  • Chat Mapper: Converter now doesn’t add AudioWait() commands for Audio Files if the commands are already in the Sequence.
  • RPG Kit: OverheadIconUI now supports IconConditions.
  • Third Person Controller:
    • Bridge now also saves and loads health & shields.
    • Added TPCCameraState() sequencer command.
    • Fixed bug when saving position in levels with periods in their names.
    • Removed deprecated API warnings in Unity 5.3+.