Dialogue System for Unity 1.6.0 Released!

The Dialogue System for Unity 1.6.0 is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site! (Contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number if you need access.) It should be available on the Unity Asset Store in 5-7 business days.


Version 1.6.0


  • Added: ShowAlert() Lua function.
  • Fixed: SetContinueMode(true) now correctly shows re-enabled continue button.
  • Fixed: Cross-conversation link dropdown menu was showing incorrect options.
  • Fixed: Lua condition wizard Apply position now positions correctly when Inspector view is narrow.
  • Fixed: Conditions in trigger editors sometimes didn’t use selected dialogue database.
  • Fixed: Computation of {{end}} duration now correctly ignores rich text codes.
  • Fixed: Dialogue Manager banner image now shows even if the Dialogue System folder moved in the project.
  • Dialogue Editor:
    • Added: Can now zoom node editor in/out.
    • Added: Cross-conversation links are now indicated by short red arrow.
    • Added: Orphan nodes are now highlighted in red.
    • Improved: Increased Dialogue Editor node canvas size 10x in each direction.
    • Improved: Localized Text Table editor can now specify encoding type (UTF8 or Unicode) to use when importing/exporting.
    • Fixed: Editor lost current database selection when switching into playmode.
    • Fixed: Dropdown entry text misinterpreted slashes in rich text codes as submenu dividers.
  • Unity UI:
    • Added: Unity UI & Unity GUI quest groups are now collapsible in quest log windows.
    • Added: Quest Tracker now has checkbox to show/hide container if empty.
    • Added: Unity UI Ignore Pause Codes component; updated prefabs to use this for reminder lines and use Unscaled Time animation.
    • Added: LocalizeUIText.UpdateFieldName().
    • Improved: Unity UI scripts no longer force Time.timeScale=1 during show/hide animations.
    • Improved: Unity UI Typewriter Effect now only allows one copy on a GameObject. Added OnBegin, OnCharacter, OnEnd events.
    • Fixed: Quest log window properly populates when paused.
    • Fixed: Canvas Animator Controller Show animation clip ensures Canvas gets re-enabled properly even after deactivating & reactivating GameObject.

Third Party Support

  • articy:draft: Converter now logs Articy ID with conversion errors to make it easier to track down missing assets.
  • Chat Mapper: Added import/export of dialogue entry canvas positions.
  • Cinema Director: Added Show Alert event. Visible events now show stand-in message during preview. Updated example scene with Show Alert and Start Conversation events.
  • NGUI: Quest groups are now collapsible in quest log windows. Added Wait for Continue Button option to bark UI.
  • ORK: Added Get DS Variable and Set DS Variable event steps.
  • Realistic FPS Prefab:
    • Added PauseAIOnConversation component to properly pause AI during conversations.
    • Added instructions on how to stop conversations if NPC gets hurt.
  • Rogo LipSync: Updated for LipSync 0.61.
  • RPG Kit: Updated for RPG Kit 3.1.3.
  • S-Inventory: Updated S-Inventory Realistic FPS Prefab SInventoryWeaponPickup to call ActivateObject for MonsterItemTrap.

Dialogue System for Unity 1.5.9 Released!

Version 1.5.9 is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site! (PM me your Asset Store invoice number if you’d like access.) It should be available on the Asset Store in a few days.
I’m really excited about some handy new features in this version. Some of them are:

  • Conversation-specific overrides. You can now set subtitle behavior, default sequences, timeout values, and more in the Dialogue Editor without having to use an Override Display Settings component.
  • You can now use [lua(…)] and [var=varName] markup in sequences. This adds a lot of new power and flexibility to sequences.
  • Other Dialogue Editor improvements: You can now append fields with the Lua wizard. There’s a new button to quickly swap the speaker and listener in a dialogue entry node. The quest editor has a Use Group checkbox to make it easier to organize quests into groups.
  • Added RPGMaker-style timing commands to the Unity UI Typewriter Effect. For example, use “\,” to pause 1/4 second, “\.” to pause 1 second, “\^” to instantly finish the rest of the text, etc.
  • Runtime articy:draft importer: You can now import articy:draft data at runtime! (Runtime Chat Mapper import was already supported.) This provides another option for adding modding support to your games.

These were all feature requests from the community. Thanks for the great suggestions!

Here are the complete release notes:

Version 1.5.9

  • Changed: All triggers that are set to OnDestroy now respect LevelManager’s OnLevelWillBeUnloaded message and won’t fire in this case.
  • Changed: Audio/AudioWait sequencer commands no longer set AudioSources with volume=0 to volume=1.
  • Changed: For Windows Store/Phone compatibility, UTF7 & Default encoding is now Unicode, ASCII encoding is now UTF8.
  • Changed: Refactored several editor classes to support runtime articy:draft imports.
  • Added: Can now import articy:draft projects at runtime.
  • Added: Lua SetQuestState() and SetQuestEntryState() functions.
  • Added: OnQuestStateChanged message when quest states change.
  • Added: OnLinkedConversationStart when an active conversation links to another conversation.
  • Improved: Can now use [lua] & [var] markup tags in sequences.
  • Improved: Uses correct portrait picture according to participant’s GameObject name or OverrideActorName component.
  • Improved: GameSaver searches scene for a LevelManager if it doesn’t have one as a child.
  • Fixed: Trigger editors weren’t saving changes made to instances of prefabs in some versions of Unity.
  • Fixed: [ConversationPopup] attribute with non-default database now shows correct conversation in playmode.
  • Dialogue Editor:
    • Added: Optional conversation-specific overrides for subtitle behavior, default sequences, etc.
    • Added: Button to quickly swap a dialogue entry node’s speaker & listener.
    • Added: Use Group checkbox to Quest tab.
    • Improved: Lua wizards: Added option to append existing field; now applies automtically if you move away; added SimStatus & Custom dropdowns.
    • Fixed: Can now select cross-conversation links to group nodes or nodes without dialogue text.
    • Fixed: Sync Actors now syncs alternate portrait images.
  • Unity UI:
    • Improved: Typewriter effect timing codes added; improved rich text code support; automatically enables rich text support if needed.
    • Fixed: Removed duplicate typewriter effect from JRPG Dialogue UI prefab.

Third Party Support

  • Adventure Creator: Added component to fit UIs to forced aspect ratios.
  • Makinom: Show Alert node now uses Makinom string value, not a string literal.
  • ORK Framework: Run Lua action can now specify return value type.
  • Realistic FPS Prefab: Conversation handler prevents VisibleBody from animating body & CameraKick from bobbing camera.
  • Rogo LipSync: Updated for 0.5 compatibility.
  • RPG Kit: Made playerInventoryGameObjectName editable in RPGKitBridge; quest log window no longer hides cursor when closing by pressing Escape.
  • SALSA with RandomEyes: Updated for SALSA 1.4 compatibility; added support for RandomEyes shape groups.
  • Third Person Controller: Updated for Third Person Controller 1.2 compatibility.