Dialogue System for Unity 1.5.8 Released!

The Dialogue System for Unity 1.5.8 has been released! It should be available on the Unity Asset Store in a few days. If you need to get it sooner, please contact us with your Asset Store invoice number for access to the Pixel Crushers customer download site.


Version 1.5.8


  • Updated for compatibility with Unity 4.7 and Unity 5.3.
  • Added: Help menu item to open Dialogue System Extras (free bonus material) URL.
  • Added: Quest groups. Added support for groups in Dialogue Editor, quest log windows, and QuestLog API.
  • Added: Added Allow Simultaneous Conversations checkbox to Dialogue Manager, support for simultaneous conversations.
  • Added: Added Default Player Response Menu Sequence to Dialogue Manager.
  • Added: Added Sort By IDs checkbox to CSV Converter.
  • Improved: Added Use Name In Database checkbox to Override Actor Name component (for localization).
  • Improved: Added Priority field to Override Dialogue UI and Override Display Settings components. Conversations choose the highest priority override.
  • Improved: Selector no longer requires an EventSystem.
  • Improved: Sequence fields in Dialogue Editor, Sequence Trigger & Dialogue System Trigger now have a helper menu.
  • Fixed: Can now undo when editing Dialogue Text in the inspector.
  • Fixed: Lua wizard in trigger components was applying the wrong quest state.
  • Changed: When splitting pipes (e.g., Chat Mapper Converter), sequences by default place {{end}} commands on the last split.
  • Changed: Unity 5 DLL package is no longer included with the Unity 4 version; download the Unity 5 version from the Asset Store instead.
  • Dialogue Editor:
    • Miscellaneous usability improvements.
    • Support for quest groups.
    • Can now add custom fields to individual dialogue entries in the inspector.
    • Added option to CSV Export to specify conversations after dialogue entries.
  • Unity UI:
    • Added: Support for animated portraits.
    • Added: Autonumbering support.
    • Improved: Quest log windows now support groups.
    • Improved: Can now assign Unity UI dialogue UI prefabs.
    • Fixed: Issue where alert panel was briefly visible at start of scene.
    • Fixed: Typewriter wasn’t handling word-based rich text color codes (e.g., “blue”) properly.

Third Party Support:

  • Adventure Creator:
    • Added Dialogue System Lua Check action and VarChangeWatcher action list component.
    • Added option to prefix global variable names in AdventureCreatorBridge.
  • articy:draft:
    • Added support for cross-conversation links.
    • Fixed bug trying to import textures not in project.
  • Chat Mapper:
    • Added Smart Split checkbox to split pipes more wisely by putting {{end}} commands on the last split.
    • Fixed bug that wasn’t removing ‘Resources’ from audio file resource paths.
  • ICode: Added Update Quest Tracker action.
  • Master Audio: Updated for Master Audio compatibility.
  • NGUI: Added support for groups in quest log window. Added Follow Target checkbox to NGUI Selector Display.
  • PlayMaker: Conversation actions (e.g., Start Conversation) can now select conversations from a dropdown. Run Lua action can now use Lua wizard.
  • plyGame Support: Updated for plyGame 2.7.3 compatibility. Added Component menu item for event handler components.
  • Rogo LipSync: Updated for LipSync 0.402 (now supports Unity 4.6.4+).
  • RPG Kit:
    • Updated for RPG Kit 3.1.1/3.1.2 compatibility.
    • Now saves character-specific Dialogue System data.
    • Added RPG Kit Store Trigger No Out Of Range Message component.
    • Added support for overhead icons.
  • S-Inventory: Updated for S-Inventory 1.28 (requires Unity 5.0+).
  • UFPS: Reorganized and streamlined example scene; please delete Third Party Support/UFPS support folder and reimport.

Love/Hate 1.8 Released

Love/Hate 1.8 has been submitted to the Unity Asset Store and should be available for download in a few days!

The big addition in Love/Hate 1.8 is plyGame support!

Version 1.8:

  • Changed: Save game serialization format changed to accommodate dynamically-created faction names.
  • Improved: Can now adjust number of witnesses processed per update.
  • Improved: Implemented fast lookup of factions by name and ID.
  • Improved: Added tooltip help to all inspectors.
  • Adventure Creator: Added SetRelationshipInheritable action.
  • Dialogue System: Added SetRelationshipInheritable() Lua function.
  • plyGame: Added support.