Love/Hate 1.7 Released!

Love/Hate 1.7 is now on the Asset Store!

Version 1.7

  • Added: Customizable emotion model. Includes a 22-emotion template for those who want to use the OCC model.
  • Added: Relationships can be marked inheritable (default) or non-inheritable (e.g., secret relationships).
    • NOTE: Save game serialization format changed to accommodate relationship inheritability value.
  • Added: Ability to affect relationship to subject’s parents when changing relationship to a subject.
  • Changed: When adding new factions in editor, initializes instead of copying previous item.
  • Fixed: Possible division by zero in deed evaluation.
  • Fixed: In editor, summing personality & relationship traits now clamp to [-100,+100].
  • PlayMaker: Added GetEmotionalState, SetRelationshipInheritability actions.

Dialogue System for Unity 1.5.7 Released!

The Dialogue System for Unity 1.5.7 is now available on the customer download site. (Contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number if you need access.) It should be on the Unity Asset Store in a few days!


Version 1.5.7

  • Dialogue Editor improvements:
    • Can now reorder items, actors, locations, variables, and conversations.
    • Copy Conversation now keeps original node positions in copy; if creating multiple copies, numbers them 1,2,3,etc.
  • Changed: Conversations also check actor (not just conversant) for dialogue UI/setting overrides.
  • Improved: Selector now only registers button/mouse up if selecting same object as when clicked down.
  • Improved: Sequencer now warns if it’s creating a temp MainCamera.
  • Fixed: If Dialogue Manager is configured to preload resources, gracefully handles errors in preloading.
  • Fixed: Bark On Idle didn’t respect Allow During Conversations checkbox.
  • Fixed: PC/NPC/Dialogue Manager wizards weren’t always setting saving all changes.
  • CSV Import: Fixed bug where some dialogue entry fields were duplicated.
  • Unity UI support:
    • Added: Script-free support for world space dialogue UIs (e.g., speech bubbles).
    • Improved: Can now queue alerts.
    • Fixed: Subtitles only trigger typewriter effect if script is enabled.

Third Party Support

  • articy:draft Converter improvements:
  • Added Starter template project.
  • Review button now uses custom fields to identify entity types.
  • Supports quest state dropdowns.
  • Splits dialogue fragments on pipes.
  • If dialogue fragment has Script field, it’s imported as dialogue entry’s Script.
  • Link order is now determined by position as in articy:draft’s Presentation Mode.
  • Improved searching for portrait images.
  • Chat Mapper: Added quest entries to starter template.
  • Inventory Pro: Support added (maintained by Inventory Pro developer).
  • PlayMaker: Added OnConversationResponseMenu event.
  • RPG Kit: Updated integration to support RPG Kit 3.1.
  • Third Person Controller: Updated (maintained by Opsive).
  • UFPS: Fixed cursor hiding in UFPS 1.5.0+.