Dialogue System 1.2.1 Released!

The Dialogue System v1.2.1 is now available on the customer download site and should be on the Asset Store in 5-7 days!

The big features introduced in this version are the Mecanim-style, node-based conversation editor and Adventure Creator integration support.

Version 1.2.1
Editors & Converters

  • New: Visual node-based conversation editor.
  • Improved: Can reorder dialogue entry links.
  • Improved: Tooltips added to the Dialogue Editor.
  • Improved: Double-clicking a dialogue database opens the Dialogue Editor.
  • Changed: When merging databases, if Actors, Items, or Locations exist in both, only the original will be kept.
  • Fixed: Bug that prevented adding fields to the dialogue database template.
  • (Chat Mapper) Can now convert Chat Mapper data at runtime; fixed bug converting some Chat Mapper projects with text containing pipes (|).
  • (articy:draft) Fixed an issue with jump targets in the articy:draft converter.
  • (Aurora NWN) Can now process all dlg.xml files to add missing actor tags.


  • New: Added a delegate hook to support extra checking on dialogue entries.
  • Improved: Added DialogueDatabase.GetItem(string), GetLocation(string).
  • Changed: At end of conversations, Lua observers update before Alert variable is checked and cleared. (Important if you’re observing
  • Variable[“Alert”].)


  • New: Optional Continue (Close) button for Alerts
  • Unity GUI updates:
    – Improved: Auto-Size grows in the direction specified by Alignment instead of growing equally in all directions.
    – Fixed: Panels are now positioned correctly when Clip Children is unticked.
    – Fixed: Rich text codes use lowercase hex characters, since Unity GUI doesn’t handle uppercase characters well.
    – Fixed: Slide & Timer effects and gameplay alerts weren’t timing properly with DialogueTime.Mode set to Realtime when Time.timeScale changed.

Third-Party Support

  • (Adventure Creator) New: Gameplay Integration with Adventure Creator
  • (plyGame) Added support for new interact system; updated to accommodate changes in latest beta.