Dialogue System Released!

The Dialogue System for Unity is now available on the customer download page! If you need access, please contact us with your Asset Store invoice number.

This release includes a bug fix (Proximity Selector in 2D) and several smaller enhancements while development continues on the general-purpose, GUI-independent quest log window system and additional features to ensure unique IDs across dialogue databases.

  • New: [var=VarName] dialogue text tag (introduced in Chat Mapper 1.7).
  • New: AudioWWW() sequencer command.
  • Improved: When splitting a dialogue entry with pipes, items in the Audio Files field are now split into each new entry.
  • Improved: [pic=#], [pica=#], and [picc=#] tags are now recorded in FormattedText, but the Dialogue System still doesn’t do anything with them by default.
  • Changed: Barks now also look on the barker’s children for a Bark UI component.
  • Fixed: Bug in ProximitySelector that wasn’t registering 2D triggers.

In Version

  • Improved: Added PC Name & Image properties to response menu in dialogue UIs.
  • Improved: Dialogue database merging now has option to assign unique IDs to prevent conflicts.
  • Changed: Replaced Dialogue Manager’s Wait For Continue Button with multiple new options.
  • Changed: Removed obsolete Raw|Edit bar in dialogue database inspector.
  • Fixed: Removed superficial error in console when creating a new database in Dialogue Manager Setup Wizard.
  • (NGUI) Changed: NGUIDialogueUI converted to use AbstractDialogueUI base.

Dialogue System 1.1.7 Released!

The Dialogue System for Unity version 1.1.7 is available on the customer download page! If you need access, please contact us with your Asset Store invoice number.

This release introduces plyGame support, support for iOS Pro code stripping, and enhancements to cutscene sequences (including the ability to run sequences in the background of the response menu). The full list of additions is in the Release Notes.

Dialogue System Patch Available

Patch is available on the customer download page. It contains these fixes and additions:

  • Fixed: Conversion of emphasis tags to rich text had blue and green values switched.
  • Fixed: If speaker and listener are the same object, it will now only receive one OnBarkEnd/OnConversationEnd/OnSequenceEnd message.
  • Fixed: NullReferenceException if a Bark/Conversation/SequenceTrigger was set up in code at runtime instead of through inspector.
  • (DFGUI) Added DFGUI example that demonstrates keyboard bindings to response buttons.

Dialogue System 1.1.6 Released!

The Dialogue System for Unity version 1.1.6 is now available on the customer download page. If you need access, please contact us with your invoice number. This version includes:

  • New: New Dialogue Editor window replaces the custom inspector, is significantly faster, and includes new features such as text search.
  • New: Added Easy-Access DialogueLua Methods to get/set Lua data.
  • Improved: Added Reconvert button to dialogue database inspector to make it quicker to reimport from third-party authoring tools.
  • Improved: (Chat Mapper) Converter now splits pipes (|) into separate dialogue entries.
  • Improved: Added Include Name and Wait Until Sequence Ends checkboxes to bark UIs.
  • Improved: Added Skip Continue On Response Menu checkbox to Dialogue Manager.
  • Fixed: When DialogueTime is set to Gameplay and timeScale to 0, sequencer commands will now wait until time is unpaused.
  • Fixed: SetActive() sequencer command now finds in-scene objects first, including inactive objects but only if the inactive objects have a root parent that’s active.
  • Fixed: LookAt(listener,X) sequencer command wasn’t finding the right subject; also changed LookAt() without arguments to make the speaker and listener look at each other.
  • Fixed: (Chat Mapper) Implemented a workaround for a Chat Mapper XML bug that identified Booleans as Numbers.
  • Fixed: (Aurora NWN Converter) Now handles CDATA correctly; only adds jrl.xml or dlg.xml files as appropriate instead of all XML files.
  • (Killer Waves/Core GameKit) Killer Waves integration is now Core GameKit integration due to the product’s name change.
  • (DFGUI) DaikonForgeDialogueUIs can now use dfRichTextLabels for subtitles.