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Requires Opsive’s UFPS.

This easy-to-use add-on for Opsive’s UFPS saves the information listed below in single-player saved games and when changing scenes:

  • Player’s stats, inventory, position, and current scene
  • State of pickups, destructibles, and moveables
  • Objects spawned into the scene


It also includes:

  • Scene change portals
  • Scene save/load
  • Checkpoint save triggers
  • Save to encrypted disk files, PlayerPrefs, or custom storage


Unlike generic save assets that only save data, the Save System for UFPS saves and restores UFPS systems, executing the routines necessary to put all UFPS components in their proper states. Includes a general purpose save system as well.

No scripting required, but includes complete, thoroughly-documented C# source code.

If your project uses the Dialogue System for Unity, you don’t need this asset. The Dialogue System for Unity already includes UFPS support.