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Requires Realistic FPS Prefab.

This easy-to-use add-on for Azuline Studios’ Realistic FPS Prefab saves the information listed below in saved games and when changing scenes:

  • Player’s stats, inventory, position, and current scene
  • NPCs’ alive/dead state and position
  • State of pickups and destructibles
  • Objects dropped into the scene

It also includes:

  • Scene change portals
  • Checkpoint save triggers
  • Ability to save to PlayerPrefs or encrypted disk files
  • Complete, thoroughly-documented C# source code

5 Star Rated Asset. What customers say:

I purchased this save system for Realistic FPS Prefab and I can not believe how easy it is to set up.

If your project uses the Dialogue System for Unity, you don’t need this asset. The Dialogue System for Unity already includes Realistic FPS Prefab support.