Dialogue System for Unity 2.1.1 Released!

Version 2.1.1 is now available on the Asset Store!

This update contains many small fixes and improvements. Some highlights include:

  • Typewriter effect can now specify a list of characters to add extra delay, such as punctuation, so you don’t have to use RPG Maker codes for them.
  • KeepRectTransformOnscreen component to keep e.g. speech bubbles onscreen.
  • A lot of additions & improvements to articy:draft import.
  • Updated integration for Corgi, i2 Localization, ORK, uMMORPG, and uSurvival.
  • Additional integration features for Inventory Engine, NGUI, Opsive controllers, SALSA (TextSync added), and SLATE.

Version 2.1.1 Release Notes


  • Updated assembly definition files to include Wrappers; renamed Common to PixelCrushers.
  • Changed: Input Device Manager > Control Graphic Raycasters now UNticked by default.
  • Fixed: If Usable GameObject was destroyed while Selector targeted it, Standard UI Select Elements stayed visible.
  • Fixed: MessageSystem bug when removing listeners while sending a message.
  • Fixed: UIPanel timing bug when animations cause outgoing panel to overlap incoming panel.
  • Fixed: SelectorUseStandardUIElements with usables with StandardUsableUI would show regular selection UI at end of conversation.
  • Fixed: Basic & Wheel quest log windows’ abandon popup quest title element was unassigned.
  • Fixed: If Standard Bark UI is set to wait for sequence end and second bark happens while waiting for first sequence to end, doesn’t hide until second sequence is done.
  • Added: DialogueActor now has Use Menu Panel For { Only Me, Me And Responses To Me }.
  • Added: Response timeout open to choose last response in menu.
  • Added: KeepRectTransformOnscreen to constrain world space UIs to stay onscreen.
  • Added: Template.CreateQuest(), GetNextXXXID() methods.
  • Added: SetMenuPanel() sequencer command.
  • Improved: Typewriter effect now can specify list of characters to add extra delay, such as punctuation.
  • Improved: Standard UI subtitle and menu panel dropdowns increased to allow access to 32 panels.
  • Improved: Unique ID tool verbose output is much faster; reports conversation ID overlaps within the same DB.
  • Improved: Editors now handle issues with outdated third party assemblies more gracefully.
  • Improved: On MacOS, cross conversation link dropdown doesn’t use submenus to avoid Unity NSMenuItem bug.
  • Save System: Calling LoadGame() w/Save System > Save Current Scene unticked now also updates internal saved game cache.
  • Save System: ScenePortal.UsePortal() is now virtual.
  • Save System: DialogueSystemSaver now has Raw Dump option (faster, but larger saved game files).
  • Save System: DiskSavedGameDataStorer now supports mobile.
  • TextTable: Large text areas now word wrapped.

Third Party Support:

  • articy:draft: Added support for AlternatePortraits slot; fixed double-linking in document conversations; slots that reference dialogues and convert as display name now include full conversation path.
  • Corgi: If ConversationZone is already running conversation and Allow Simultaneous Conversations is ticked, activation button no longer restarts conversation.
  • i2 Localication: Updated for 2.8.11.
  • Inventory Engine: Added PersistentInventory for saving, LocalizeInventoryDetails to localize item details.
  • NGUI: Quest tracker HUD now only shows active entries, optionally plus completed entries.
  • Opsive controllers: UCCSaver now saves position in each scene.
  • ORK Framework: Updated for 2.21.0.
  • SALSA: Added TextSync support.
  • SLATE: During conversations, SLATE() moves main camera to final position of cutscene camera; added SLATE Sequencer Settings component.
  • uMMORPG: Updated for 1.155.
  • uSurvival: Updated for 1.34.