Dialogue System for Unity 2.0.9 Released!

Version 2.0.9 is now available on the Asset Store. It fixes a critical bug introduced in version 2.0.8.
If you’re using 2.0.8, please update to version 2.0.9!

Release Notes:
– Fixed: Bug introduced in 2.0.8 involving fields with spaces in them. Caused issues with display names and quest entries.
– Fixed: Fade-from-black animation in SceneFaderCanvas’s animator controller.
– Fixed: ConditionObserver now respects Once checkbox.
– Fixed: LiveCamera sequencer command now gracefully handles if camera is destroyed before command is done.
– Fixed: UI animation monitor no longer reports error if animator is destroyed while waiting.

Third Party Support:
– LipSync Pro: Fixed error message if character doesn’t have LipSync component.
– uMMORPG: Updated for uMMORPG 1.148.
– uSurvival: Added Warp() sequencer command.