Thank you for trying Quest Machine! This evaluation version includes watermarked DLLs compiled for Unity 5.6+.

The full version includes complete source code and no watermarks. Questions? Please contact us!

Download “Quest Machine 1.1.4 Evaluation Version” QuestMachine_1_1_4_Evaluation_Unity56plus.unitypackage – Downloaded 627 times –

The full version is 100% compatible with the evaluation version. Content you’ve created with the evaluation version will be perfectly intact when you upgrade to the full version, which you can buy by clicking button below:



Note 1: Before importing the full version, please delete these two folders:

  • Plugins/Pixel Crushers/Common/DLLs
  • Plugins/Pixel Crushers/Quest Machine/DLLs


Note 2: If your project already includes the full version of Love/Hate and/or the Dialogue System for Unity, then after importing this evaluation version delete this folder:

  • Plugins/Pixel Crushers/Common/Scripts

The evaluation versions of Pixel Crushers assets come with precompiled DLLs. The paid versions come with source scripts. The evaluation versions require the DLLs. The full versions can work with either the DLLs or the source scripts. After you’ve upgraded all assets to the full versions, you can keep the Common/Scripts folder and delete the Common/DLLs folder if you prefer.