Quest Machine 1.1.3 Released!

Quest Machine 1.1.3 Released!
Version 1.1.3 is now available on the Asset Store! Highlights include:

  • Editor improvements: auto-arrange nodes, quest list in gear menu.
  • Big improvements to articy:draft import.
  • Opsive character controller integration.
  • Updated integration for Dialogue SystemORKuMMORPGuSurvival.

Version 1.1.3 Release Notes:

  • Changed: When quest becomes successful|failed|abandoned, it sets any active nodes inactive.
  • Updated assembly definition files to include Wrappers; renamed Common to PixelCrushers.
  • Added: Quest Editor has now Arrange Nodes feature.
  • Added: Quest Editor gear menu now shows quest list for easier quest switching.
  • Added: Quest Editor gear menu can now move all loose text to a Text Table asset.
  • Improved: QuestGiver.StartDialogueWithPlayer() finds GameObject with QuestJournal if multiple GameObjects are tagged Player.
  • Improved: New quest counters’ max value now initialized to 999; shows warning if min & max values are invalid.
  • Improved: Editors now handle issues with outdated third party assemblies more gracefully.
  • Improved: Can now assign requirement function assets to procedural quest generator action assets.
  • Improved: Can now drag scene object into Instantiate Prefab Quest Action’s Location field.
  • Improved: and questNode properties are now public.
  • Improved: Moved UI art assets used by Quest Machine prefab from Demo folder to Prefabs folder.
  • Fixed: QuestCondition.SetTrue() now calls StopChecking().
  • Fixed: MessageSystem bug when removing listeners while sending a message.
  • Fixed: UIPanel timing bug when animations cause outgoing panel to overlap incoming panel.
  • Fixed: When parent node becomes true, it only sets child nodes active if the quest is still active.
  • Fixed: Can no longer parent a node to itself in Quest Editor.
  • Save System: Calling LoadGame() w/Save System > Save Current Scene unticked now also updates internal saved game cache.
  • Save System: ScenePortal.UsePortal() is now virtual.
  • TextTable: Large text areas now word wrapped.
  • Articy: Improvements to importing quests; nodes are auto-arranged; input pins are new imported as condition quest nodes; when creating templates, folders are created if they don’t exist.
  • Dialogue System: Can now show other text (e.g., “no quests”) as conversation; added PlaySequenceQuestAction; bridge now forwards UpdateTracker messages to Quest Machine UIs.
  • Opsive Character Controllers: Added support.
  • ORK Framework: Updated for 2.21.0.
  • uMMORPG: Updated for 1.155.
  • uSurvival: Updated for 1.34.