Love/Hate 1.9.4 Released!

Love/Hate 1.9.4 is now available on the Unity Asset Store!

This version lets you import and export your faction databases to CSV and JSON.

The CSV feature is especially handy if you’re managing large numbers of factions, since you can load them into a spreadsheet application to tweak and balance numbers. Love/Hate’s CSV import is flexible. You can configure it to import custom layouts, such as those created by Stay At Home Devs’ Game Data Editor.

Version 1.9.4 Release Notes:

  • NOTE: On Unity 2018+, you must define scripting symbol USE_PHYSICS2D to use 2D physics. (Tools > Pixel Crushers > Common > Misc > Enable Physics 2D Support)
  • Added: CSV export/import.
  • Added: JSON export/import.
  • Fixed: String-to-float conversion in .NET4 is now culture invariant.