Dialogue System for Unity Released!

The Dialogue System for Unity is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site. (Contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number for access.) It should be available on the Unity Asset Store in 5-7 days!




  • Improved: Bark entries can now have Priority values to prevent lower-priority barks from interrupting higher-priority barks.
  • Unity UI: UnityUITypewriterEffect now supports auto scroll.
  • Changed: For importers, Encoding Type Default now uses your system’s Encoding.Default, not Encoding.Unicode.
  • Added: Encoding type ISO-8859-1 to converters.
  • Dialogue Editor:
    • Improved: Small usability improvements to conversation node editor.
    • Fixed: Adding template fields of custom field types was incorrectly setting type to Text.

Third Party Support

  • Adventure Creator: Added Allow During Conversations checkbox to Bark action; added Check Conversation Active action.
  • articy:draft:
    • Added: Can now specify dropdown type for each dropdown individually.
    • Improved: expression–>Lua converter now doesn’t convert content inside strings.
    • Fixed: Condition and Instruction nodes weren’t assuming proper order by node’s Y-position.
  • Chat Mapper: Converter now supports linking to a conversation’s START entry.
  • CSV: Fixed: Converter wasn’t importing link priorities (all defaulted to Normal).
  • Master Audio: Added MAPlaySound() sequencer command.
  • RPG Kit: Updated item/inventory management Lua functions for RPG Kit 3.1.4. Fixed UI texture references that were unassigned by 3.1.4.
  • S-Inventory: Fixed Realistic FPS Prefab + S-Inventory subpackage; updated example scene for RFPS 1.23.