Why Chat Mapper?

I appreciate good tools. From the beginning, I built the Dialogue System to support Chat Mapper. After all, they’ve been refining their editor and the underlying data structure for years, allowing you to write the most expressive dialogue of any interactive dialogue tool I’ve come across. (For those who prefer a more compact style to Chat Mapper’s graph display, I also wrote an outline-style editor that works with the same underlying data structure.)

Chat Mapper is a professional tool available at indie prices. If you’re not already a fan, I encourage you to check it out at: http://www.chat-mapper.com/

Dialogue System Released!

The Dialogue System for Unity has been released on the Unity Asset Store!

I wrote the Dialogue System because I couldn’t find any products on the Asset Store that met my needs. Here’s why:

In high school, reading plays bored the heck out of me. Turns out, the problem wasn’t me. A page of text is not a play. Likewise, a database of lines is not interactive dialogue.

A script is only marks on a page. But when spotlights hit the stage, and music and sound fill the room, and the actors act — that’s when the magic happens. That’s a play.

I built the Dialogue System because I required something that integrates all the critical elements of interactive drama: lines of dialogue, camera work, voice and sound effects, animation, and the give-and-take that comes from being able to react dynamically to the game world and in turn change the game world during dialogue. I realized that these elements needed to be designed holistically from the  foundation in order to make the end product — AAA-quality interactive dialogue — work as a whole.

I’m pleased to find that the Dialogue System is also the most full-featured and robustly-architected interactive dialogue solution on the Asset Store. I look forward to experiencing what magic you conjure with it.