Dialogue System Released!

The Dialogue System for Unity has been released on the Unity Asset Store!

I wrote the Dialogue System because I couldn’t find any products on the Asset Store that met my needs. Here’s why:

In high school, reading plays bored the heck out of me. Turns out, the problem wasn’t me. A page of text is not a play. Likewise, a database of lines is not interactive dialogue.

A script is only marks on a page. But when spotlights hit the stage, and music and sound fill the room, and the actors act — that’s when the magic happens. That’s a play.

I built the Dialogue System because I required something that integrates all the critical elements of interactive drama: lines of dialogue, camera work, voice and sound effects, animation, and the give-and-take that comes from being able to react dynamically to the game world and in turn change the game world during dialogue. I realized that these elements needed to be designed holistically from the  foundation in order to make the end product — AAA-quality interactive dialogue — work as a whole.

I’m pleased to find that the Dialogue System is also the most full-featured and robustly-architected interactive dialogue solution on the Asset Store. I look forward to experiencing what magic you conjure with it.