Dialogue System for Unity 1.5.5 Released!

The Dialogue System for Unity 1.5.5 is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site. Contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number if you need access. Version 1.5.5 should be available on the Unity Asset Store in a few days!


Version 1.5.5


  • Added: entrytaglocal sequencer keyword (localized entrytag).
  • Added: OnBarkLine script message.
  • Improved: Added DialogueManager.LoadAsset(name,type) overload to specify type.
  • Changed: MoveTo() sequencer command now uses Rigidbody.MovePosition/Rotation if subject has rigidbody.
  • Changed: Dialogue System debugging (set via Dialogue Manager > Debug Level) now only logs in debug builds (Debug.isDebugBuild).
  • Fixed: Instantiated dialogue UI prefabs now set parent with Transform.SetParent(parent,false) to retain local transform settings.
  • Fixed: ProximitySelector now prevents click passthrough from previous conversation to trigger.
  • Fixed: VerificationError warning when playing hide animations on Unity UI dialogue UIs in webplayer builds.
  • Unity UI: Added Always Visible checkbox to subtitle panels; improved typewriter effect (can use any text alignment, can pause & unpause).

Third Party Support

  • Action-RPG Starter Kit: Added Persistent Player Spawner component; improved DSTeleporter component with more options; added ARPGLoadLevel() sequencer command.
  • RT-Voice: Added support.
  • SALSA with RandomEyes: Fixed timing issue when two sequential lines play on same SALSA character.
  • S-Inventory: Updated for S-Inventory 1.27; can now transparently load from Resources or asset bundles; added Realistic FPS Prefab 2 Cameras example.

Love/Hate 1.6 Released!

Love/Hate 1.6 has been submitted to the Unity Asset Store and should be available in a few days!

This update provides some minor improvements and mostly updates third-party support packages for PlayMaker, Makinom, ORK Framework, and TradeSys. If you’re using TradeSys 2.7, you must update to Love/Hate 1.6.

Dialogue System 1.5.4 Released!

The Dialogue System for Unity 1.5.4 is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site. (Contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number if you need access.) It should be available on the Unity Asset Store in a few days!
Version 1.5.4

  • UPGRADING: If upgrading from 1.5.2 or earlier, delete your old Dialogue System folder first. As always, back up your project before upgrading assets.


  • Added: Unity UIs: Runic, Mobile, JRPG2. Added Bundle UIs for Generic, Runic, and Mobile.
  • Added: DialogueSystemTrigger.
  • Added: Triggers can now fire on OnCollisionEnter/Exit.
  • Added: Dialogue Editor > Quests: Added Track On Start checkbox.
  • Added: Lua function GetLocalizedText.
  • Improved: Dialogue Manager now automatically finds dialogue UI in children if Dialogue UI field is unassigned.
  • Improved: Sequencer command SendMessage() now has optional ‘broadcast’ argument, ‘everyone’ keyword.
  • Improved: Quest state dropdown values are now lowercase to match Lua.
  • Changed: PersistentDestructible & IncrementOnDestroy only record destruction if component has been enabled.

Third Party Support

  • Adventure Creator: Updated for AC 1.47.
  • articy:draft: Fixed bug converting articy:espresso variables whose names were subsets of other variable names.
  • Aurora/NWN: Now also imports custom variables from journals as well as dialogues.
  • NGUI: NGUITextFieldUI autofocuses UIText.
  • Realistic FPS Prefab: Fixed bug that caused player to take damage if saved game position was lower than scene start position.
  • Third Person Controller: Added save system integration; updated for TPC 1.01.

Love/Hate 1.5 Released!

Love/Hate 1.5 is now available on the Unity Asset Store!

This version adds support for Makinom and includes improvements to the editors and supported visual scripting systems.
Version 1.5
  • Added: Option to sum or average traits when inheriting from parents.
  • Improved: Faction member inspector shows traits and relationships at design time, not just runtime.
  • Makinom: Added support.
  • ORK: Added SwitchFaction, InheritTraitsFromParents Steps.
  • PlayMaker: Added SwitchFaction, InheritTraitsFromParents actions.