Dialogue System 1.5.3 Released

The Dialogue System for Unity 1.5.3 is now available on the Pixel Crushers customer download site. If you need access to the download site, please contact us with your Unity Asset Store invoice number. It should be available on the Unity Asset Store in a few days.

This release introduces some minor changes. Please note:

  • Minimum Unity version is now Unity 4.6.5.
  • When upgrading to 1.5.3, delete your old Dialogue System folder first, or at least delete these two subfolders: Prefabs/Unity Dialogue UIs and Scripts/Supplemental/UI. (As always, back up your project before upgrading assets.)

This release also adds support for Opsive’s excellent Third Person Controller.



  • Added: Player Default Sequence (optional).
  • Added: Sequencer commands SetContinueMode(true|false) and SetVariable(variableName,value).
  • Added: Dialogue Manager > Display Settings > Input Settings > Include Invalid Entries checkbox; UnityDialogueUI and UnityUIDialogueUI show invalid entries as noninteractive.
  • Improved: Dialogue Manager Wizard validates that dialogue UI is valid and automatically adds Canvas if assigning a Unity UI Dialogue UI.
  • Improved: Sequencer command syntax now accepts whitespace between command and parentheses.
  • Improved: UnityUIDialogueUI can now specify transition animations for NPC/PC Subtitle panels & Response Menu panel.
  • Improved: Added Show Touch Screen Keyboard checkbox to UnityUITextFieldUI.
  • Improved: Added continue button to JRPG2 UI(legacy Unity GUI).
  • Improved: These components how automatically update quest tracker HUD: Condition Observer, Quest Trigger, Lua Trigger, Set Quest State On Dialogue Event, Lua On Dialogue Event.
  • Improved: Quest Trigger now allows you to set quest entry (subtask) states.
  • Changed: If switching to a new Dialogue Manager in another scene that uses the same initial database, retains the existing Lua environment.
  • Changed: These sequencer commands now use Lerp instead of Slerp: LiveCamera(), LookAt(), MoveTo(), Zoom2D().
  • Fixed: Continue Button mode “Not Before Response Menu” showed continue button if response menu had only 1 item.
  • Fixed: Localized text table import & export now handles embedded carriage returns (), unusual line break formats.
  • Fixed: Removed deprecated method warnings in editor code in Unity 5.
  • Fixed: Conflict that prevented Windows Store & WP8 builds.

Third Party Support:

  • articy:draft:
    • Converter updated to handle articy:draft 2.4.
    • Added support for properties IsItem, IsQuest.
  • Aurora/Neverwinter Nights Toolset: Special handling for Hungarian characters that Aurora Toolset doesn’t export properly.
  • CSV Converter: Fixed conversion bug caused by exporting from applications that fill out extra fields on all lines.
  • ICode: ICodeVariableTrigger now automatically updates quest tracker HUD.
  • PlayMaker:
    • Expanded Dialogue System Load Level action with more options.
    • Added Level Will Be Unloaded action.
  • Realistic FPS Prefab:
    • Updated for RFPS 1.22 and for S-Inventory 1.25 integration.
    • DialogueSystemOnPickUpItem now automatically updates quest tracker HUD.
    • Added PersistentSmoothMouseLook.
  • RPG Kit:
    • Updated Dialogue Manager prefab’s dialogue UI to scale better in different screen sizes.
    • Barker prefab now uses Unity UI.
  • S-Inventory:
    • Updated for S-Inventory 1.25.
    • Fixed an errant warning with ItemGroups.
  • Third Person Controller: Added support.

Love/Hate 1.4 Released

Love/Hate 1.4 has been submitted to the Unity Asset Store, and is available for immediate download on the Pixel Crushers customer download site. If you’d like access to the site, please contact us.

The major features of this version are Adventure Creator support and improvements to inspectors for inherited traits and relationships.

Version 1.4

  • Added: FactionDatabase.DestroyFaction method (and equivalent actions for visual scripting systems).
  • Improved: Can inherit traits from parents in inspector and at runtime.
  • Improved: Faction database and faction member inspectors now show inherited relationships.
  • Changed: Moved multiplayer example into separate package to avoid API warning in Unity 5.1.
  • Adventure Creator: Added support.
  • ORK Framework: Updated for ORK Framework 2.5.1; added CreateNewFaction and DestroyFaction steps.
  • TradeSys: Enhanced support.

Version 1.5 will introduce support for Makinom!